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ca. 1903, [gelatin silver print, portrait of a smiling bearded gentleman with a sword, holding his own decapitated head]
via the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

(actually this one is better)
Marc Chagall “Le Champ de Mars”
Oil on Canvas (1954 - 1955)

Jacob Binck, Witch attacking the devil with a spindle, 1528

Death leaving the mouth of Hell, The Boke named the Royal, Wynkyn de Worde for William Caxton, London, 1507

New Ballyturk cities and dates added!
This fashion icon :P will be on stage in Dublin and Cork, in addition to Galway and London. Tickets now on sale, check the links.

Olympia Theatre Dublin, Aug 7-16 (X)Cork Opera House, Aug 26-30 (X)
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Decided to make a better version of the Oscars selfie. Not super great, but I had to get it done tonight because I was so excited about it.

More irresistible owls here: http://ift.tt/JQ5da3 Photo source (http://ift.tt/PKdkaA)

Your way out…

Hey guys, you’ve all been so ace lately so it’s GIVEAWAY TIME. Reblog/like this post and you’ll go on a list. You’re allowed to reblog as many times as you like to increase your chances. I figure a week is a good amount of time to wait. After that week I will pick three winners with a random number generator.
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The second person will get: A personalised handwrittten poem that will be sixteen lines in length and two handwritten poems of mine that are your choice.
The third person will get: Two handwritten poems of their choice.